Bank of America Student Leaders

Bank of America’s Student Leaders Program gives young students the opportunity to speak up for what they believe in, and the tools to act on those beliefs. Year after year, as we interview these students and hear their visions for the future, we are filled with hope and gratitude.

Red Thread has documented Bank of America’s Student Leaders Program for years. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s program presented new challenges as all content had to be produced, filmed, and edited remotely. Red Thread successfully met this obstacle head on and provided a professional and innovative team to creatively find solutions and deliver original work that uplifted the inspirational young voices of Bank of America’s Student Leaders in the face of a challenging time for us all.

Over several weeks, Red Thread received over 100 videos from young students in many cities across the country. Red Thread highlighted the voices of these leaders as they spoke to equality, racism, civil rights, the core qualities of a leader, and shared the quotes they find to be the most inspirational and relevant to change and impact.

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