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Festival Alert!

Spinnaker, Red Thread’s latest short documentary, has been selected in a total of ten film festivals across the world so far.

Directed by Nadine Licostie, Spinnaker tells the story of one whale’s tragic life and the hardship she faced due to the threat of entanglement and pollution in our oceans. Her tale is a rare example of how deeply entanglement can impact the lives of these beautiful creatures.

Spinnaker was edited by Jeff Ertz who also composed the film’s score. The film was a finalist in the 2019 Oregon Documentary Film Festival in Portland, Oregon just this past December. It was nominated for Best Cinematography Award at the festival, highlighting the brilliant work of cinematographer Peter Mariuzza.

2020 promises more buzz as Spinnaker has been selected for several more festivals, including Wildlife Conversation Film Festival, Block Island Film Festival, NatureTrack Film Festival, Auburn Adventure Film Festival, Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Short. Sweet. Film Fest. and International Ocean Film Festival.

To learn more about this truly remarkable story, visit: http://spinnakerthemovie.com/